Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups: Mother’s Day Brunch

Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups: Mother’s Day Brunch

A new fun way to eat breakfast! Full recipe here: I recommend these mini bacon egg toast cups f…



BullShitThat says:

Was it really necessary to cook the bacon before hand? …Considering
you’re going to stick them in the oven with the eggs to cook anyways. 

wikitiki10 says:

good lordy that looks good

heather oda says:

they look very easy to make i have give this a try yummy 

Nayli Czar says:

I’ll make it soon. Thank you so much. From malaysia! ;)

Calbenmike says:

“Always make extra bacon.”

She’s a keeper.

JForDream says:

Why do people ask questions and keep questioning the answers

Brandon Harrington says:

This is a must try reshared via +Kym Jenkins .

Kharren Ramos says:

We don’t own an oven ._. I mean we do but we never use it… Can I do it
using a microwave oven? If so, for how many minutes? Thanks

Steve Lovett says:

Had something very similar in Canada. They used waffle soaked in maple
syrup instead of toast though. Nightmarishly good.

laveza kabir says:

Can i leave the baccon out and can i do it in a cupcake pan? 

Sergio Catter says:

It´s funny how in the close up view appears 3 mini bacon egg toasts but
actually you’re making two of them. Btw they look great!

Nayelli Ledezma says:

This is a great recipe for picky eaters like my sister

ChezUsVideos says:

I can’t wait to try this. It looks so good!

Shawn Young says:

Simple and Easy. Whats not to love!! looks Yummy too!

Iyana Dull says:

I like your style. Cast iron skillet, good recipes, and was that a wedding
ring? He’s a lucky man. Haven’t checked out your other vids yet but I’m
sure I will, based on the fact that this one looks delish.

Kierra Coleman says:

im for sure making this tomorrow for my mom . breakast in bed

Rawhealthbitch says:

I love this recipe, I just went to the store and bought bacon, and you
saved me some money because I was planning to order the bacon bowl set,
thank you for sharing !

nthekitchen48 says:

I’m a first time viewer, I’m so impressed with your show. I wait, with
anticipation for Thursday!
Well done and good luck!

Aaron Salinas says:

This was the first video I saw from ur channel and I tried it right away my
husband and two step sons loved it :)
Thank u for ur awesome recipes keep em coming!
My family and I thank u !

MaryE MCLea says:

thank you wish mom could try them 

drago884 says:

I love recipes like this that not only look delicious but also look down
right pretty sitting there on your plate. Om nom nom 😀

Molly Stults says:

I did this and for some reason my eggs like got bubbles on the top and they
turned out rubbery… does that mean I baked them too long in the oven???

Alex Jonson says:

muffin hole lol

Fifteen Spatulas says:

That’s wonderful, so happy to hear that Sarah!

KingKems says:

We made it, and it turned out pretty good. Only, I think my lady using
olive oil instead of butter and I prefer butter for the flavor when it
comes to eggs. ;P And well.. I would have just cracked an egg over them
like you did, but we only had 4 eggs and I prepared enough ingredients for
six cups. So, I figured scrambled eggs, with a bit of milk to fluff it up,
would go a little further. ;D

Fifteen Spatulas says:

YAY!!! That’s great!

PrettyMocha718 says:

wow…quick, easy, packed with flavor and a very unique presentation. You
are heaven sent!

Fifteen Spatulas says:

That’s great, glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe!

KingKems says:

They were pretty good, but I personally prefer just cracking an egg. Gotta
get more eggs today at the grocery store, so maybe I’ll try the original
way in the next few days. ^_^ Keep the videos coming, girl! 😀

MeleCcs says:

Scones would probably be yummier, but no so healthy! Looks deli!

Fifteen Spatulas says:

Hi Megan, I usually just eat it! haha. If you wanted you could make a bread
pudding or a french toast bake kind of thing, depending on what kind of
bread you use.

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