[HD] Epic Buffet in the World – Bacchanal Buffet Tour – Caesar Palace Buffet – Las Vegas Buffet Tour

[HD] Epic Buffet in the World – Bacchanal Buffet Tour – Caesar Palace Buffet – Las Vegas Buffet Tour

[HD] FULL SLOW & STEADY Walk-through of the $17000000 EPIC Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It’s voted #1 buffet by USA Today. This is one …



Octavio Torres says:

3:20 esta grabando con la camara, lol

layzfrog says:

I am fucking drooling holy shit 

Lisa Marie says:

licks the sreen..oh yea baby…….thats what I am talking about

chanpenn c says:

That desert bar is heaven!

David Stevenson says:

Did you eat at all those buffets you just posted videos about? Lord….I’d
be a blimp

Shamir Patel says:

does it have indian food

tony232cool says:

will be there tomorrow, I am already starving. 

danine56 says:

we had read all the reviews and watched videos on here , so whilst on
holiday we made it a must to eat here . the food I ate was terrible , we
were so disappointed most dishes were , barely warm , seafood not fresh
but defrosted watery and tasteless, the ribs tasted like some sort of
fuel , also the buffalo wings were disgusting, chinese was just ok , I just
expected something a lot better for the high price , also we noticed when
we left heaps of food on plates on a lot of tables all wasted.
there was heaps to chose from here but nothing to rave on about …..its
the first time I have ever spat food out into my napkin whilst dining out.
Aria is wonderful much better , was very impressed there and the quality of
food much better. .Try Aria first…… give this a miss so over rated its
not funny….

JohannVF says:


Henry Truong says:

A BIG improvement from their previous buffet. This had WAY more variety
then their old buffet. One of the best buffets Vegas has to offer other
than the Studio B buffet at the M Resort.

AGP PGA says:

Could enjoy this buffet last Tuesday. It was amazing for 39$ including all
softdrinks! There were oysters and Mini Wagyu Burgers included, too!

Sb Ni says:

That’s amazing!

Heidi O says:

This buffet was actually a disappointment to me. I don’t get what everyone
sees in this buffet. The food isn’t great and the wait in every section of
the buffet is insane. The only reason to be there is for the desserts. And
even I can’t eat $50 worth of dessert! But your video sure makes it look

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