Beth’s Summer Brunch Menu || KIN ENTERTAINING

Beth’s Summer Brunch Menu || KIN ENTERTAINING

Join Beth for more fun menus! Foodie paradise! See more KIN EATS: See the full menu’s recipes by clicki…



Jess Rushworth says:

My favourite thing to add to iced coffee is a splash of Kahlua coffee
liquor ;)

Kathi Küchenfee says:

How long is the knife that you use for the scones? In cm, if possible. I
just love the looks of these scones! :P

Megsbeautyx0x says:

You are SO informative I LOVE it. You keep it SO reeal and use words we can
all understand so thank you Beth

Annabel T says:

I love your recipes

Kathi Küchenfee says:

(About the scones): I usually freeze the butter and then grate it with the
big holes of the grater.

Rubina Zaidi says:

I want to have tea with you

Tanaya Tomagatick says:

The egg thing takes way longer to cook. I had it in the oven for an hour 

MsCelestialsky says:

I just love your channel! it is so refreshing to watch! I also love all of
your serving ware, where do you normally go to buy if you don’t mind me
Thank You!

Rúna Rubeksen says:

Wow, this video is just filled with good tips! Thank you, Beth, for sharing
this with us and especially the end, where you tell us when to do what. :)
:) will try this out in the summer, when my parents are coming for a visit

French Macaroon says:

Wow u look very similar to your sister

Anna Li says:

for the granola, could we use a whole egg instead of the egg white only? 

Cindy Felix says:

love you beth!!!!!!

Nictory25 says:

Love it

Hasuu says:

I’m really glad I found this channel <3 enjoying your vids and recipes

Niurka Ramos says:

I loveeee youuu Beth!!! Even my english is not good I can understand
everything! :)) 

Kelli Hively says:

Hello Beth! I just discovered your videos from a Thanksgiving collaboration
with Honeysuckle Catering. I love what you do!! You have a sweet
personality and your menus and game plans are incredibly helpful!! Thank
you so much for sharing your gift with us! Happy Thanksgiving! 

Aleksandra Wyller says:

You’re videos are amazing! The recipes are so simple and I can tell that
they are completely delicious. I’m definitely going to make them in the

Jenny H. Hong says:

Beth, I love your videos! This brunch menu is amazing and I am planning to
make it for some friends as my housewarming party! I think I will try to
“master” each recipe one at a time before doing them all at once for the
occasion! Keep you posted! 

Joanne Kim says:

could you use the scone recipe for blueberry scones? 

Melis Cuhadar says:

What can I use instead of heavy cream? Where I live there is no heavy cream
or sour cream or anything like that there is only milk and I think that’s
too liquidy.

Teresita Burch says:

COOL — wish that I can cook like you!!! Teresita N. Burch

Michelle B says:

wearing jewelry while cooking just makes me cringe soooo bad.

Mohammed Miah says:

Nothing lasts forever 

cupfcoffee says:

Im liking this before it starts yumm

IcedTeaAZ says:

the Coffee was the best! i loved it my friend loved it and she is not a
coffee drinker! i havnt tried the rest yet but the I want to try the peach

Sukey Brown says:

Love the recipes and I love the game plan even more. That it’s so helpful
for a beginner as well as an experienced cook. Thank you!

Michelle Lee says:


ronnysuke says:

I love your videos Beth. Those are the best on youtube <3

Sameen M says:

this would be a great TV show! <3 I love your recipes, Beth, especially
longer ones XD like this ^^

Florian Steinbauer says:

What’s the font called, you used in the intro, saying “A Beautiful Summer
Brunch by Beth Le Manach”? it looks so nice :)

Entertaining With Beth says:

Yeah! Yes I love that recipe :) So good and easy! You’ll love the peach
salad too! :)

Kin Community says:

Aw that’s great. I love the Hungarian paprika! And the tin is so pretty too
:) Thanks for your sweet comments and support! And welcome to the channel:)

Entertaining With Beth says:

Yeah! So glad to hear that :) My daughter is 6 too and she also loves to
“entertain” her little friends. It starts as simple as offer your friends a
snack, a juice box etc :) For more fun entertaining ideas you can also
Subscribe to my own channel “Entertaining with Beth” :) Hope to see you

olyatai says:

Beth,could you please tell how many gramms of butter should i add to make
scones because i can,t mesure cold butter in spoons

Kristy Cheung says:

the egg casserole looks good

Entertaining With Beth says:

Aw great idea! She’ll LOVE it! :)

Mikayla Blaker says:

I like you videos but I don’t know how much to put in

Rejoan Reza says:

This single video is enough to subscribe you immediately:) Thanks a lot,
please keep posting nice ideas!

Entertaining With Beth says:

Sure there is a link in the description that will take you to the recipes
:) Enjoy!

AlexiaOurworld says:

At first I thought those potatoes were apples.

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