2014: Cheap yet Good Vegas Buffets: Red Rock Lunch Buffet – 2014 FULL WALKTHROUGH

2014: Cheap yet Good Vegas Buffets:  Red Rock Lunch Buffet – 2014 FULL WALKTHROUGH

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Jules atTop-Buffet says:

hi James King… I can’t reply directly to your comments… bizarre… so
I do it here.. :) Definitely worth trying especially if you have their
players card (= further discounts) and you want to spend only a few
dollars :)

harveyd63 says:

Very nice review

tos221 says:

I went to the Red Rock buffet about a week ago for dinner. It was $13.99
and I used a 2 for 1 coupon. My review is about the same… It’s no Aria,
but hard to beat for the price, plus I really like the Red Rock casino.
Overall a very nice hotel/casino.

I was told by a blackjack dealer that the $27.99 seafood and wine buffet on
Friday night will no longer be offered, which is ok is my book because $28
is a little too high for my budget anyway. 

meltz911 says:

For $9-$12 it seems decent. Nothing special but it seemed clean, I liked
your booth, and even though it was the end of service they still had a lot
of options.
Some people feel the buffet should be the same for the last person as it
was for the first, they all paid the same is the argument, do you have any
thoughts on this? I know it’s not really possible for most places to do
that because they have to keep there costs down. In your experience, are
there places that keep up the quality 100% from start to finish? Keep up
the great vids!

James King says:

I am going to try this buffet next week, I am delighted belong to Vegas. Ty
for this vidéo :-)

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