$185 Ritz-Carlton Sunday Brunch Buffet

$185 Ritz-Carlton Sunday Brunch Buffet

Hi everyone! Want to find the best ever – albeit expensive – Sunday brunch buffet in the USA, even the world, in addition to Las Vegas best? No seriously, it can be had at the Ritz Carlton…



Neil Yaremchuk says:

This is really nice but I can’t see it being worth the money unless they
threw in Moet or Vueve Cliqout and you killed a few bottles of that. Really
creative menu but just so much going on. The caviar is most likely lumpfish
or trout caviar but definitely not the elite Russian stuff. Save the money
and just go to your area’s best steak house, seafood monger, artisan baker,
etc. and whoop it up for less.

A B says:

This is incredible! Definitely adding this to my bucket list. Did you have
any favorites when you went?

A. Robert says:

This one looks great and Ritz Carlton always gets it right. If you ever
have a chance try the Sunday brunch at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach.
Very similar but with a better ballroom that’s ocean front to enjoy your
food in. Instead of bad they have personal harpist that takes requests at
your table.

Centauri says:

Wish I can afford those 😞

Al B says:

People “tend” to TRY AND EAT as much as they paid for a buffet,in this case
$185…good luck with that one. Keep the cell phone handy so you can dial
911 after you’ve “Exploded”

Lenora Collins says:

OMG the veggie dishes & salads are the best I’ve ever seen!!!

Big Baller says:

I could never understand the fascination with food as long as something
fills me up so I am not hungry anymore and I like to eat it I am good to go.

Annick Nasarallah says:

I adore this video, such a stunning display of decorations and food. The
atmosphere must of been fantastic, pure artistry. Thank you so much for
uploading :-)

Clint Whatley says:

Worth Every Penny

dcrelatives says:

Greeting Alexis, I love traveling, love good food so your channel caught my
eye, I am a member, enjoy your day!

Joe Percy says:

I’d get my monies worth in caviar.

Maria das Santos says:

Just WOW!

Kim Davis says:

Keeps all the riff rats out. I think its beautiful.

au574 says:

This makes the Bacchanal look like McDonalds!

corbindalis says:

Wow, that looks incredible

N M says:

Which Ritz Carlton is this? What city? This has to be one of the best
buffets I’ve ever seen!

small living says:

Just Drop me off and leave me there the weight I’ll gain back is Worth it.

James Jackson says:

My first reaction was you’re out of you’re mind, but seeing what’s there I
understand the price!

Jon Ahmad says:

Those desserts….

Katharine Phipps-Ram says:

My mother lives in Half Moon Bay and we always go here for brunch. The
holiday buffets are excellent if you are not having guests for Thanksgiving
Xmas or Easter. Beautiful view and you can walk it all off along with

Tessa Crag Chaderton says:

Alexis thanks for sharing I have learn a lot all I can say is wow! wow! I
surely will like to do it this xmas thanks again

mrclyde6051 says:

My thumb up was mostly for the Steven Cravis tune.

ok meep says:

This music gives me sega Dream cast fishing game vibes

PaulD says:

Les buffets au Ritz, c’est légendaire, on aime tous! Merci du partage.

Harry Axe says:

Alexis-Please recommend the best organic food meal in Las Vegas.

coffEKolor says:

Mashed potatoes with a fancy name?… for $185?
j/k it IS a top of the line Chef inspired Menu,..
.but I would have had to hit the Cali Lotto
to go to this buffet…lol

Philip Margulies says:

wow i would have to refinance my home to eat those costly vittles

Urban VIII says:

In the mid 90s, I can remember seeing similar food at a moderately snooty
(very moderate) hotel, the UN Plaza, on 30-39 floor of the Dinkeloo
buildings on 1st Avenue in NY. The Sunday brunch looked almost identical to
this, and for $36. At the time, I had plenty of money, but as soon as I
looked at the feast on display, my stomach shrunk to that of a child. I
couldn’t imagine spending $36 for the privilege of eating $8 worth of food.
The same would happen to me now if I were to go to this place. A total
waste on me.

Brenda Drew says:

Thought this was in beautiful Paris where I went many moons ago! Las Vegas?
Would rather be in Paris any day! They can take their fake replica of the
Eiffel Tower and do you know what with it! Had much more fun eating crepes
on the real one when I was in GORGEOUS super clean Paris which is like a
sparkling glass of Champagne at night with the bridges all lit up over the
Seine and the sparkling Eiffel Tower!!

Mark ledesma says:

wow the selection looks amazing, a much wider spread compared to the ritz
carlton sunday buffet brunch in laguna niguel

bobbbxxx says:

Their Christmas decorations look borrowed from a mall somewhere.

Hestia Olympia says:


Neil O'Neal says:

$185 seems high but, for Christmas, if I decided to splurge, as a
vegetarian I’d find very little that looks inviting. I might have a small
salad, vegetables, followed by some dessert. If you’re not a vegetarian,
there are quite a few choices. To each his own.

Maria das Santos says:

Beautiful and spectacular.

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

No atmosphere at all. Rather scale it down one or two notches. This is way
too pretentious to my liking.

Lloyd Bonafide says:

Biggest RIP OFF ever!!

The only meats I saw were bacon and sausage.

So I’m paying $185 for eggs benedict, bacon, breads and dessert?

Sounds like a good deal……………….Assuming the price includes your
room for a night or two.

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